Stuck on flashing light 3 - Apple Time Capsule

I’ve attempted to connect my Rachio to my latest gen Apple Time Capsule, but I get stuck on flashing light (3). I followed the article to connect the Rachio to a guest network, but have same issue.

Completely stuck now… time capsule is not in bridge mode either. Can anyone help?


Hi mootymoots,

It sounds like you could use some extra tech support. Would you mind giving us a call at 1-844-4-RACHIO or send us an email to We would be happy to look into the issue more thoroughly with you that way.


Yeah I have sent an email to support. Awaiting reply

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Hey @mootymoots! Just saw your chat with Jared, glad to hear you were able to connect. Just so others know if they run into similar issues, it ended up being that Steve was running the beta for the new iOS software. Rachio is not compatible with beta software.