Stuck in verifying connection

We have a ranchio eofaa6 and we changed from AT&T to Comcast and now I can get my ranchio to connect
To the wifi! We keep getting errors? Can someone help us. Thank you

Hi @Ltalbott24!
Sorry for the delayed response- have you wifi reset your controller before trying to reconnect? Do you have a gen 1 or a gen 2 controller? What light is flashing on your controller? Here are some support articles on doing a wifi reset:

We have the gen. The bottom light is steady and the next one is blinking. I have unplugged the system and held the two buttons it gets all the way to verify the wifi and just freezes

@Ltalbott24 Have you tried force closing the app ( and then trying to set up the wifi again? We have noticed some users running into wifi connection issues and that resolving it. If not, I would contact support, and they should be able to help you get up and running quickly!

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