Strange water leak

I recently got my sprinklers installed and programmed. Everything is working as design and I am happy but something strange is going on. My schedule is for watering all 4 zones before sunrise and it works fine. But for some strange reasons, at 5 pm everyday, I see stream of water coming out from near on of the sprinklers. It goes on for 15 mins and stops.

My gardener has change the sprinkler head, changed a few things but nothing seems to fix the problem.

How do I investigate this further? What should I do?

That sounds quite odd. Is that sprinkler in your lawn or elsewhere? Any possible water line also running in the area? Is that possibly a low spot?

It is not a low spot and yet sprinklers are in my backyard lawn. Thing that bothers me the most is that the water leak happens about the same time for about the same duration.

Yeah, that is pretty bizarre. The lawn makes it not so nice for digging. Maybe disconnect the zone or unplug the whole controller before it normally comes on and reconnect after the normal shutoff time . . . you know, see what happens. I am grasping at straws here. Have you looked at your history to make sure it is not coming on for some reason?

Not sure this could be anything wrong with Rachio if there is just one “stream” of water coming out near one of the sprinklers. Are you sure you don’t have a drip zone of some kind along with the 4 sprinkler zones?