Strange report

Checked my iro this morning on the web app. it seems to think mt flex daily garden watering was a “manual” watering in the watering history. Moisture graph for the zone got it right.

Also got an “Garden was scheduled to run but device is currently offline” Maybe because of the update? If so, kudos for running the schedule anyway.

@sbillard, I’m seeing a Flex Daily schedule event for zone 1, but not zone 6 (see data on 8/11)…

Zone 1

Zone 6

Will check to see if the offline schedule events are registered as a manual event. Do you have any concerns related to zone 6?

It is normal that the two zones water on different days–different soil types.

The observation was that the Watering History showed this watering as a “manual” watering and the Schedule updates show that the Iro was off line an hour before the Flex schedule was to run. I have no indications that my internet was down at the time. I did not institute a manual run, and the run time corresponds to when the Flex schedule should have run. The moisture graphs do, as you note, have it right.

I noticed another interesting event in the Schedule updates when going back to look at this.

“Last Monday at 3:17 AM
Flex schedule Grass Flex processing skipped due to freeze delay”

I kind of doubt that the temperature got that low–this is August in Southern California! The Flex schedule ran the next available day. The stations site only goes back 3 days, so I can’t tell if the weather service hiccoughed.