Strange New Zone Run Times

So I’ve had my Rachio for years and just added 3 zones for new sod around a pool. The new zones are set up exactly the other older zones except root depth (new zones are set at 2 inches). The weird thing is on my flex daily schedule the new zones are set to run for an extremely long time. I would think they would run more often but shorter run times vs my older mature zones.

The other weird thing I noticed is on the new zones the daily irrigation amount displayed under Soil Moisture - More Detail - Irrigation - Flex is exactly the same amount as Available Water under the advanced zone settings. When I change the Available Water setting the daily irrigation amount changes as well. The other older zones have different daily irrigation amounts compared to their Available Water setting.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix?


I’d suggest you post the Advanced settings for a typical zone that works as you expect, as well as one that you think is wrong. Moisture Graphs for the same period would help as well.