Strange intermittent skips on 1 zone

Having a weird issue with one of my zones (front lawn).

Rachio 3e purchased in 2020. 4 active zones.

Front lawn zone only waters on every other activation. Whether the runs are scheduled, manual quick runs, or a combination of both, the heads only pop up and spray every other run. But the app thinks the zone is running every time. The timer counts down as if the zone is running and the stats show up in past runs.

The other 3 zones work normally.

Things I have tried in troubleshooting:

  • Power cycled the controller
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the app from phone
  • Installed the app on iPad and run from there
  • Moved the zone wire from terminal 1 to 5 and setup on zone 5

Tested everything after each of these steps and there’s no change.

I feel like I’m going crazy! Anyone ever seen anything like this?

I’m assuming that moving the location of Zone 1 on the Rachio controller netted the same result? If the valve is intermittently functioning, chances are there could be an issue with the valve itself. Either the diaphragm inside the valve is failing, or the solenoid is failing.