Strange behavior with added zone - runs in parallel with all other zones

I had an irrigation professional make modifications to several zones in the back yard, to accommodate a large new garden. I also had him add a new zone (zone 9 with my Gen1 16 zone controller) which feeds an above-ground hose bib. I will add drip emitters from this zone for pots on the patio. My installer was able to find an unused wire from the original installation for this new zone 9. FYI, the system uses (and indeed, requires) the Master Valve setting.

Zone 9 runs when I ask it to.

Zone 9 runs when I ask any other zone to run.

Zone 9 runs when I disconnect the zone 9 lead from terminal 9.

I’m technically adept, but I don’t understand enough about the design of the Rachio controller, or the way wires are typically run in an entire system, to guess how this fault might come about. Does anyone in the community have thoughts for how this could happen, or recommend a troubleshooting approach?

Thanks in advance.

i would really like to know if moving from slot 9 to slot 10 fixes it, if so your unit has gone full retard and needs to be replaced. If not, your irrigation installer has gone full retard and needs to be replaced.

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Sounds a bit like the Zone 9 wire is shorted someplace (maybe to the master valve wire?). Maybe there was a reason why that wire was unused.

If you paid an installer to work on the system, I presume that would come back and make sure they did the job right.

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