Stopping & Starting Zones from the App

Rachio 3: from the App, can I “manually” turn on or run the water in a Zone and immediately, say 15 seconds later, turn that zone off?

Play button in bottom right of the iOS app will get you going.

In Android, one of the many ways

  1. start the app
  2. tap “ZONES” on the bottom, near the left
  3. tap the zone you want to run
  4. tap “QUICK RUN ZONE” center on the right, it will default to 3 minutes
  5. tap “RUN”
  6. when you want to stop, you have two options:
    a. pause (two vertical lines): you specify how long to pause for
    b. stop (filled in box): it just stops
  7. unfortunately from the app, you cannot have it automatically turn off after 15 seconds