Stopped working over night

Everything worked fine all season then went to manually turn on sprinklers and nothing. Blue light on controller everything seems to work but no watering

Do you have a master valve or rain sensor?

No master valve and rain sensor is disconnected. Worked one day and the next day nothing since

Did someone shut the irrigation water off?

Did the program get disabled by accident or the sensor enabled by accident?

Did you have any work done around the house?

Water is on no yard work done. Tried to manually run zones blue light comes on the rachio but no sprinklers so i know the unit is online. Thanks

Do you have a voltmeter?

Check the output when zone 1 is turned on. Red lead on zone 1 and black lead on the common. You may have to strip the wires back a little to make contact with the wire while there in the terminals.

If there is output, check ohms across the wires with no output. Reading should be between 25-60 ohms.

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@Chief0322 – do you know if the rain sensor is wired into your common wire? If so, disconnecting it might have caused the issue you’re experiencing.

Are you able to manually open a valve?

Found the problem. Broken rain sensor wire. Thanks for all your help!!