Stop watering AZ summer grass during winter?

Is the app smart enough to really cut down on warm summer grass in Arizona during the winter? It’s still watering it every 3-4 days, despite it really growing. I’ve never really watered my grass in the winter, unless I planted winter seed that year.

Do I need to disable these zones for the winter, or will it adjust, eventually?

This is a really good question. Common sense would say winter watering would slow way down. My suggestion would be to disable those zones and perhaps manually water as desired. Bermuda in Phoenix during the winter goes into semi dormancy. I’m in Oklahoma where the grass goes dormant in the winter. Perhaps Rachio can give a better answer than me.


I seed every year so I haven’t had to deal with this, but like @robertokc said, disable your flex and water manually. From the AZ website

“In the winter, Bermuda-grass lawns go dormant and need no supplemental watering.”

So maybe any potential rain we get is enough. I’ve also have heard water once a month. So I would just keep an eye on things, is the soil is looking bone dry several inches below where your bermuda is hanging out, I’d give it a watering.


Great advice, @Modawg2k.
Once the night-time temps are consistently below 65 degrees, warm season grass go into dormancy. My St. Augustine lawn is still green, but it’s time to disable that zone for the winter.


I’m living in Texas and was wondering the same thing…

I could not find any setting in the Rachio app but I think I found the solution : IFTTT (IF This Then That)

It’s an app you can find in your app store (or Google it) ; very handy.

Anyway, I set the following simple rule:
This : weather underground : temperature drops below 50F
That : Rachio: stop watering

This is what I implemented too.

I’m currently set at 45 degrees F, but, may change to 50 to be like what you’ve done.

I live in Dallas area. Not cold enough to warrant a complete shut down for the Winter with pressure blowout of lines effort. But cold enough that indeed grass, shrubs and trees don’t need much water.

Since I operate exclusively on Flex Daily, at 45 degrees, if it’s just for a day or so, the Iro2 catches up the moisture levels for each zone. While no water savings here long run, still, I’m assured of no watering if it’s below freezing.

Coming up is some real cold weather. During this time moisture accumulation levels will ‘bottom out’ and I will see water savings. Especially if I implement 50 versus my current 45 degrees.

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