Still on App V2? Time to Update!

Hey there Rachio fam!

In March 2018, we released Version 3.0 of the Rachio app, but there are still a few users out there running on Version 2.0.

Rachio will no longer support accounts on Version 2.0 of the app after January 15th, 2019. It’s important to update your app before this date to make sure your account access isn’t interrupted.

To update your account:

  1. Update your mobile app. Click here for instructions.
  2. Log into your account with your existing credentials to complete the update.
  3. Enjoy the new features of Version 3.0!

Questions? Let us know :slight_smile:


I read this too quickly and nearly thought you were saying “gen 2” controllers were going out of support. :open_mouth:

Oh man… thank you for rereading it :joy: :joy:

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Me too…then I thought, man I’m glad I have a gen 1! :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

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Can I ask a stupid, slightly unrelated question since this thread reminded me about my Amazon tablet.

I use a really cheap Amazon 7 tablet in saran wrap when I am adjusting my irrigation with a gen2 controller. Rachio app is pretty much the only app I use on this tablet, but I did install Android Play Store on the tablet so I can install some Android specific apps for convenience.

Which app store do I stick to install the Rachio app? I am currently using Rachio app from Android store (3.10.3) while I think Amazon store’s latest version is 3.8. What do you recommend?

Thanks, yuki

Recommendation would be the Android store.


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Can you email people who haven’t upgraded? My guess is most people who use your product have no idea this site exists.

I just purchased v2 on Amazon. Are you saying this should be returned?

All the directions are for replacing an existing system and that’s why I joined the community but if it’s not supported it seems like a really bad buy (and worse sell for your brand)

please let me know

@cboger - what was purchased was a Gen 2 device. What @laura.bauman is referring to is the version of the software. When the application is downloaded from one of the App Stores, then the current v3 software will be downloaded and the Gen 2 device will point to that infrastructure. All good. Enjoy the Rachio and welcome to the community.


ah cool ok great. thanks!

can anyone point me to installation instructions for a new installation NOT replacing an existing system?

@cboger - sure here you go. Rachio controls the 24 volt AC power valves for the sprinkler system. All the valves is the system are wired to have one wire go to every valve - this is known as the common wire and goes in the Rachio C terminal. The other wire for each valve goes into a dedicated zone terminal (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on) on the Rachio. Some systems will place a valve before all the other valves - this is known as a master valve. Again one wire will be common and the other will go into the Rachio M terminal. If the water source is from a well or a lake there may be a pump start relay that would go in the same Rachio M terminal to turn on the pump when the system is watering.

Feel free to ask any other questions as there are several irrigation professionals on the board. I’d start a new thread to get their attention with a proper title.


Way ahead of ya :grin: We’ve had two emails go out so far and a few more reminder emails before the 15th - just want to make sure we share the information wherever our users might be hanging out :wink:

Also, thanks @DLane and @franz for the help here!


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Just another heads up to everyone still on V2 (not gen 2) - get your account updated ASAP! We will no longer support accounts on Version 2.0 of the app after January 15th (one week from now!). Instructions to update below:



Beginning tomorrow, January 15th, we will no longer support accounts on Version 2.0. If you do not update your account, your access may be interrupted.