Still no adjustment for time of year?

I guess I made the mistake of turning on my Rachio 2 and trusting it. My system is dialed in to work fairly well July-Aug here in Minnesota (twin cities area), but was optimistically hoping the crop evapotranpiration calculation would be fixed by now. I know this has been a continual request. On 4/28, all my zones were at 110% because we had .75" of rain, and last night the system ran :frowning_face:. Checking my neighbor’s yard, he still has considerable moisture and I could easily push my finger into the ground and it’s a nice dark black color when it has plenty of moisture.

Here’s the chart from one of my zones.

I’d hope that some sort of machine learning could be used to help calculate crop evapotranpiration, I’d think it could take in approximate location (State/county), ground temp, sun angle, etc.