Steep hill Soak Cycle

Is there a way to add a soak cycle when you have steep hill to prevent run off.
I have experimented with different soils, nozzles, root depths and times.
Any suggestions? :neutral_face:

This matrix shows exact runtimes with different configurations.



Yes I used the Matrix and ideally I would like to run a 15 minute cycle with a 30 minute soak followed by another 15 minute cycle. This would prevent run off on the hill side.
I am guessing that i will be stuck running two separate schedules 30 minutes apart.

@JNotar Smart cycle always puts a 30 minute soak in between waterings, are you not seeing this?

I will try again today with different modifications and let you know, but it hasn’t happened up till know.
I have had way to much erosion on the hill side due to the run off.

If you want to have [] review your schedule just send them an email. Chance it is incorrectly setup (nozzle types, etc.)