Stats not updating

I installed this unit in 2017. I use FlexDaily schedule. My yard watered yesterday 8/10. On the Home Screen, it shows Aug usage and last run 8/10 next run Thur.

When I go to Irrigation, Zones, it shows last run 7/27 next run 8/10 on each zone. When I go to usage it shows only 78 gallons. Schedule and Calendar tabs appear OK. Everything else appears OK.

When I use my iPad, the info is correct. The issue is when I use my iPhone.

How do I correct and get everything to Sync?

Try either a pull to refresh on the zones tab, or force close the app (by getting to the app switcher and swiping up to dismiss the Rachio app) and then open it again. Both of those will cause the app to fetch all the updated data.

I am still having this issue. If I turn off my iOS device and turn back on it updates. If not, it does not. Does not interrupt watering just stats on device. Have never had this issue since 2017. Just started this watering season. Anything else I can do?