Startup after winter shutdown

Rachio was working fine last year then was shutdown for the winter. How do I re-activate and ensure that all previous settings are active?

did you by chance put the controller on standby mode for winter and if so go to the more tab and disable it it’s at the top where you see your controller name

Before the freeze, I put in Standby mode, shut off the irrigation water valve, and try to blow out the lines.

After winter, take out of standby, turn on the irrigation water valve, and Quick Run each zone to look for possible leaks, broken heads, etc.

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I am in a community that does the shutdown/startup by a contractor. They shut off the water, blow out the lines, and I shut off the controller (not giving them my wifi info!). The reverse happens in the Spring. Other than just turning on the controller, is there anything else I need to do?

Ed Robinson

Not as far as the controller itself. My contractor runs each zone and makes sure the spray pattern looks good β€” no excessive overspray onto the driveway or plant beds.

Running each zone makes sure that pipes or heads are not broken (freeze, drive over, step on, whatever), pressure is good, filters do not need cleaning, all valves (including master valve or pump) are working, heads do not need adjusting, etc.