Starting up for spring, zones mixed & wont turn off

Turning on Rachio after winter. I’m having trouble that the zones seem to be confused (Zone 1 & 6 keeps turning on regardless of what Rachio says is running, and it doesn’t seem to be turning off). It’s also running and won’t turn off. Worked fine when turned off in fall. Any suggestions for how to fix it?

Thanks for reaching out, @geraldckane and sorry to hear about this zone confusion. Now that your Rachio’s come out of “hibernation” – it sounds like something’s definitely not right! :confused:

Our Support team here at Rachio is happy to help you troubleshoot. You can also contact us via email ( or phone (1-844-472-2446 7 days a week 7a-6p PDT) and we’ll help you get this sorted out.
In fact, if you’d like to PM me your info, I’d be glad to open a ticket for you and follow this up via e-mail / phone.

Hope to get you back to reliable water-savings soon!

~Lucas V-K :rachio: