Standyby Mode keeps activating by itself?

I’ve had a couple times where I noticed my grass was starting to brown. I went into the app to see if I needed to modify the watering schedule, and to my surprise the system is in standby mode… yet I never placed it in standby mode, and it has been in standby mode for weeks each time before I noticed.

Looking at the history I see when it was activated. However, there are no further details. My landscaper does have full access to my Rachio, but looking at the time activated it was a lot earlier than he usually comes. Is there anyway to see if my landscaper is the one that activated it? Are there any events that could trigger the system to go into standby mode? Could I have accidentally activated standby mode from a notification?

Thanks for helping me get to the bottom of this!

I had the engineering team review your history and it looks like there is only one instance of the controller being put into standby mode (3/31) and taken out of standby mode on (4/12) in the last 30 days.

From the audit data it looks like the controller was put in standby mode by the owner.

None that I am aware of, my guess it was accidentally set somehow in the app.

This is not possible.

Here are the only two recorded standby activities in the last 30 days.


Screenshot from 2018-04-12 23-34-22_censored

Thanks for the details, that really helps.

The other time it went in standby by was a lot further back.

I know I’ve never gone into the app, pressed standby and also confirmed Yes to it.

I’ve turned off notifications for start and stop. Only thing I can imagine is the notification opened up and some how I butt dialed into standby without knowing. Seems highly unlikely, but only plausible reason after the info you provided.

I appreciate the help. I’ll post back again if it goes into Standby again without intervention.

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So my controller magically went into standby by itself again… and I didnt notice for a month and a half.
I’m not putting it into standby. I’m not sure if there is something with integration, or if its me or the landscaper (as history does not provide any detail). Last time you guys were able to check and the backend said it was me. This has happened way too many times where I’m not consciously hitting standby mode anywhere.

Is there any possible way to setup an email, push, or other type of notification when it goes into Standby mode? So I can know and turn off standby instead of opening the app month(s) later or seeing dead landscape before I notice. Thanks for the help!