Sprinklers Won’t Shut off

I have just recently inherited a Rachio gen 2 that came with the new house from the previous owner. I had to call the city to turn on my reclaim water to run the irrigation system. Once the city came out and turned it on my sprinklers won’t shut off. I already set it up to run from the app. I tried turning the sprinklers off with my phone and none will work. I tried going to the controller and disconnected it, but the sprinklers will not shut off. Any suggestions?

Valves need to be rebuilt. Most likely the diaphragms inside are trashed.

I’d recommend identifying the valves, buying compete new units, and replacing the whole top section and solenoid while you are at it. No need to replace the body or replumb the system, just all the whole top and guts.

Okay, I have located the valves I’m waiting on the city to shut the water back off so I can replace the valves.

Boy, you probably have a shut-off valve somewhere in the system between the city service and your valves. If not, I’d HIGHLY recommend you having one installed while they have it back off.

Yeah, I plan to find a shut off valve on my end. I have done plumbing before but never in regards to irrigation. I ordered new valves by your recommendation. I appreciate your help. I’ll let you know how it turns out

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@Mike24 - also, make sure the solenoids in the valves are 24 VAC not DC. The same thing goes for the Rachio power supply - check to see that it is an AC power supply. Many people buy a replacement power supply and get a DC version instead of the correct AC version.

The symptom of both of these problems is that the valves don’t turn off.


I found the shut off valve to the irrigation system it was a couple feet away from the valves. Just waiting on the new valves to arrive.

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Make sure existential zone valves were not opened manually, perhaps from last winter to drain the lines.

I’d also just double check to make sure they were not turned on manually at the valve. Just cause it could happen… likely not the issue but if it was it would sure save you some time.