Sprinklers won’t come on after new install

I just installed my Rachio Gen 2 irrigation controller. I did what I “think” the video and some of the reply’s I have read to questions others have had; however, while trying my test run the sprinklers didn’t come on. I am attaching my old system photo and the new system photo. On the new photo you will see wires in C4. Those are the wires that were in the rain dial VC terminal. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my lawn. Thanks

You need a common wire coming from the valve in order to make the system work. The old Rain Dials use “VC” as the common terminal, so the blue wires that were in the old controller need to be inserted into one of the “C” terminals on the Rachio.

And just out of curiosity, who did the install of the original system? This is a first for me to see Cat5/6 wiring used for sprinkler install. Typically I would say that network cable isn’t capable of handling the current needed to run the valves, but if it works, I guess it works…