Sprinklers ran after rainy week

We’ve had a very raining season here in Dallas. I’ve saved a ton of water, thanks to my Rachio. About a week ago, I had a wifi router issue and noticed that my sprinklers ran that morning (Saturday). I found it odd since it’s been so wet, that they never run lately. I checked the app and saw that the Rachio was offline. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. It finally came up with all lights on and was back online. My schedule is Sat and Wed. We’ve had rain for the last few days, so much that our lawn guy hasn’t come because it is too wet. This morning (Wed) I noticed that the sprinklers ran. Weird, I really didn’t need that with all the rain. Anyway, has something reset in the Rachio? It really shouldn’t have watered this morning. What do I need to check to make sure it is working correctly? This is what the calendar looks like. Based on the weather I’m thinking it should not run on Saturday. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve never had problems before and I’m had this Rachio for 2 years.

Another image that might be useful.

@alfredoj, one thing to check, make sure the weather station you have selected is still online and recording rain. Outside of that, you may want to put your controller in standby. I’m in the Houston area and have had my system in standby since last Oct.


I’m in Plano, so I know what you mean with all the rain, & I’ve had the controller in standby since beginning of winter, AND we just installed 8 pallets of sod, & still no reason to run the Rachio. Another option for you is to install a local rain sensor. I use Hunter’s wireless rain/freeze for installs, as the city requires them. If you do install 1, be sure to go into the Rachio settings & go the the option telling it there’s a sensor installed.

I already have a rain sensor. But it has to be activated to prevent watering. I may just put the controller in standby for now.