Sprinklers not turning on

I have 8 zones set and when i run a test i here the solenoid kicking in but the sprinklers are not turning on. However, when the timer expires, that’s when it kicks in. What am i doing wrong

I apologize, I am not sure that I understand. When you run a quick run, you hear a solenoid kicking in. Are you talking about a solenoid on one of the valves? If so, you hear that kick on, but not water? Then, when the timer expires, that is when what kicks on?

For example: i do a test on zone 2 for 1 minute. I hear it engaging but no water is coming out. Once the timer is done, the water comes on and stays on

Any never goes off?


Strange. Do you happen to have a multimeter? If so, I would check the voltage of a zone when off (should be 0 VAC) and then check when on (should be 24 VAC). I would also check the valve, maybe make sure the solenoid is turned all the way clockwise.