Sprinkler Valve Continues to Run

Greetings to everyone. I was one of the earlier adopters of the Rachio and really like the device.

I have an issue with my sprinkler valve. I have a sprinkler system in the front yard that has a master valve. The sprinklers run and turn off after a manual run with no issues.

In the backyard I created a DIY sprinkler valve which connects to the exterior faucet; therefore no master valve is connected to this valve. I ran wires from this valve to the Rachio in order to provide automated misters to my Pergola. A couple of times I have completed a manual run for this valve and the system doesn’t turn off and continues to run. Is this simply a bug in the Rachio or is it affected by the front yard sprinkler setup being connected to the master valve and the backyard not being connected to a master valve.

Input valued. Thanks

Chances are it is wiring issue, or a diaphragm/solenoid issue. If Rachio is ending the cycle, it is ended and shouldn’t continue to run unless there is a problem in the system somewhere…The master valve doesn’t change anything on this particular line.


@jeremysmith214 I agree with @tmcgahey- your set up sounds solid but there must be a wiring issue somewhere… While your master valve will be activated when you run this zone it shouldn’t cause the other zone to run continuously. I can take a look at your logs and see what I can find… which zone is the faucet wired to?

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Sounds to me like the valve is stuck open. And it sounds like a hydraulic issue, not electrical. Take out the solenoid and see if the plunger is sticking. It should move smoothly. Take the bonnet off of the valve and inspect the diaphragm for tears or debris.

What is the pressure to that valve?
Is the faucet open all the way or partially?

What brand of valve is it? Pic?

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I had a similar problem. My sprinkler hardware guy replaced the solenoid on the zone that was acting up and I haven’t had a problem since.

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@jeremysmith214 From what I can see your logs are normal, I would look into the valve/solenoid and see if something is going on there.

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