Sprinkler system won't turn off

I had the system working fine for the second half of the summer and when winter came around I blew out my lines and everything was fine. Today, I opened the ball valve and zone 1 immediately went on, even though nothing was scheduled. It would not turn off or move to a different zone.

things I tried:

  1. unplugging rachio - zone 1 still ran
  2. running a different zone - zone 1 still ran

nothing had changed from last year around the house and everything worked fine when I shutils he system down for the year.

any ideas, is the rachio bad now?

It’s probably the valve itself. Might be a bad solenoid. You might try rewiring with a different zone. If zone one still runs then it’s the valve. If instead the other zone runs then it’s the controller


This video shows you how to manually turn off the valve (solenoid) by hand. Most likely, whomever blew out the sprinkler system in the fall opened the valve and forgot to turn it off.

I blew out the lines in the fall. There was about a .25 inch piece of mulch in the valve preventing it from closing. thanks for help guys. glad to know my Rachio wasn’t the problem because it’s super useful.