Sprinkler Spacing and Overlap

Ok nerds, help me out! My sprinkler heads are spaced 13’ feet apart with MP Rotator nozzles. I’m replacing bodies as most of them are probably original (15 years old) and the wipers are shot. While I’m at it, I’m going to replace any nozzles that I haven’t already done.

So, MP’s come in 10’ radius (MP1000), and 13’-21’ radius (MP2000). Am I better off coming just shy of 100% head to head overlap with the MP1000’s or or dialing the MP2000 back as far as they will go? I haven’t tested it, but when dialed completely back, it seems the MP2000 slow down a lot and curious if the PR is affected?

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I’d go with the MP2000s and dial them back as needed. Head to head is best. A little overthrow could actually help you if there was a wind pushing the nozzle throw. Yes, the PR could be affected, but you could compensate that with your run time.


The mp heads radius ranges can also be adjusted using a pressure regulated pro spray body (either the 30psi brown top or 40psi grey top). Those spray bodies are a little more $$$ but should not break the bank and are recommended to extend the life of mp rotator nozzles. You might want to put in a couple of test nozzles using both the mp1000 with the 40psi spray body and the mp2000 with the 30psi body. Those combinations will give you the best chance at running the mp nozzles closer to full arcs at your target radius. Good idea to test both the 180 degree and 90 degree locations if you have both. You might find that the 90 degree locations need to be at a higher pressure to maintain normal stream rotation.

MP 1000 do 8-15 feet. It’s really OK to do MP 1000 or 2000. I am inclined to go with MP 2000 and dial them back. While you are replacing the heads, purchase Hunter PROS-XX-PRS40CV. XX means you choose 4, 6 or 12 inch pop up. This model has 40 psi pressure regulation with a check valve to stop low head drainage. I installed these and wow what a difference.

I’ve got over 50 bodies I’m changing out just in the front yard, and I’m going for the easy route of not having to dig a bigger hole. Original install was done with the skinny PS bodies so using the Pro Spays would require a TON of work.

Once I combined some of my zones, I was able to dial my pressures back to 38-42 psi at every head. I used the Hunger gauge adapter to check this…

OK. I know Hunter changed the design of the PS Ultras a number of years ago to allow nozzle of choice to be installed. Very few contractors here buy the PS Ultra.

Wouldn’t have been my first choice either, but they do what they were intended to do…the newer bodies I bought do have a taller cap (for lack of a better term), so the overall height is almost 3/4" taller than the old ones. This works out well in a number of locations to bring the sprinkler up to grade a bit better, but I am having to use shorter riser nipples elsewhere…