Sprinkler Settings and Setup Help

I have been using Rachio 3 for a few years now. I have also been following this thread. But I have been watering starting at sunset because the other setting just did not work right. I am posting my settings. Please help me make sure I have it set up correctly.

I have 14 zones. I use Rainbird 5000 sprinkler heads. All use the 1.5 gallon per minute nozzle.

I use a well. The well produces 6 gallons per minute thus the reason whey each head is a 1.5. There are 4 heads per zone and they do overlap and reach other heads etc.

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Without knowing anything about your yard, soil type, etc, things look pretty good…

With your well producing 6gpm, what pressure are you seeing?

Sandy loam soil. I do not know the pressure at the last sprinkler head. The system runs through the well pump and pressure tank and that is set at 40-60 psi.

I wish I could put a sprinkler water pump on the system like I do for my hose end sprinklers.