Sprinkler Rate

I just installed some Rotator sprinklers heads, replacing the ‘standard’ spray type. The only information on rate was in the head inserts, which state 0.4 in/ hr.

Is this what I would enter into Rachio for the Nozzile inches per hour?

You could absolutely use that measurement if you followed their installation instructions for spacing, water pressure etc. To get (maybe) better in/hr measurements related to how you spaced and adjusted the sprinklers: put straight sided, flat bottomed containers (most often recommended are tuna cans, for example) on your lawn – maybe along a line in the middle. Be sure to capture some overlapping and not overlapping (if there are any) spray areas. Run the sprinklers for 15 minutes (1/4 of an hour). Measure in inches the water in each container. You could average those results and multiply by 4. This will give you the application rate in inches per hour. I recently did this and got 1.1 in/hr, just a tenth more than what Rachio had as a default.