Sprinkler ran for 24hrs

I’m currently vacationing in Asia. I’ve got the first generation rachio

On November 27th I got a notification that my sprinklers started, I promptly logged into the app and stopped the scheduled run. However the next day my neighbor messaged me saying my sprinklers were running non stop, I logged into the app and realized that they were running for more than 24hrs. I tried stopping them, but the app would just spin in circles, I managed to give access to my neighbor who was able to stop the sprinklers through the app.

Has anyone experienced something similar? App being non responsive outside the US? Also rachio should implement an alert system wherein the owner gets alerted if the sprinklers run for x hours continuously.

With me being out my water bill is usually around $80, but because of this incident it shot up to $260 :worried:

My city said they’ll give me a 50% discount if I send them the repair bill. Not sure what proof I can provide of the fix?

@ronmis I have the engineering team reviewing your controller. I will work with you through our customer success team on resolving this issue to your satisfaction.


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What was the outcome of this? This gives me the chills thinking about how much that would have cost where I am.