Sprinkler Nozzle Recommendation

It is a different part number for those with pressure compensating discs. Look for the Toro Irrigation Rescom catalog online.

I found a company online who sells them. Yard Outlet. There others too. My Toro rep says the pressure compensating model really helps conto pressure unless pressure is really high. Then you need a pressure regulated head or install a Wilkins, Watts, Febco pressure regulator to control the entire system. Hope this helps.

I have noticed the pressure compensating ones clog. But I have only used them on two zones… one of which happened to break, and suck in muck… so may not be a good reference point.

That is one of my concerns, pulling from the lake, I am sure it isn’t the cleanest water. Adding a restricting disc seems like another place to get clogged (screen, nozzle, and now restrictor).

I don’t want to set myself up for more issues that I don’t know about because the system runs before dawn.

Yikes, pulling water from a lake and irrigation nozzles don’t play nice. Most important you can do is to install a Lakos (Claude Laval Corporation) Twist ii clean filter. Check it out.

I am familiar, as I have one installed on my well coming into the house (which in fact is NOT direct from the lake). LOL

The standard Toro Precision nozzles without the disc don’t have a problem with clogging. The best nozzle I know about is the Rain Bird Rotary nozzle. They come in 13-18 foot adjustable or 18-24 foot adjustable. Rain Bird calls then R-Vans.

My spacing is 10’ head-to-head, which was why I was looking at the MP rotator, or the HE-VANs, and the 13’ will be shooting past.

If I did a mix of RB Rotary and R-Vans (adjustable where needed), I would be around $100 for my system. Using Toro Precision sprays is $60, and using MP Rotator, Toro Rotating, or all R-Van is the $130 range.

Again, it is my understanding that the rotating solves issues that I don’t have, such as low pressure, water usage, an runoff.

I would go with the Toro Precision nozzles. I just bought some replacement MP Rotators and about fell over when I paid $19.80 for three nozzles. Look around on the web. I’ve seen prices as low as 2.70

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Toro Precision nozzles help solve low water pressure issues, too. Look at each manufacturer spec chart and you will see the flow at different pressure

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Just placed an order for a couple dozen Toro Precision spray nozzles. I hope they come in shortly.

I should do a before/after catch cup, but don’t really have the time.

Just sleep less :wink:

When you install them, you will notice they have an unusual spray. They have an oscillating spray pattern which sometimes gives an optical illusion they are misting.

Had the Toro Precison nozzles for a bit now. Of the 21 installed, I already have around 5 clogging up, that is with the filters installed.

Gonna look for some alternative less prone to clogging.
$80 well spent.

Dislike, sorry to hear that

Me too. I was really hoping, but with a lake system knew I was taking a chance.

I took one apart a bit to see that there really isn’t a way to clean them either. No visible blockages, but when running either spray only one side, spray 6 inches instead of 10 feet, have a random patter, or all the above.

I was thinking Rainbird rotary ($5/ea) because they mention features to prevent clogging, or HE-Vans because they are less than a dollar, and adjustable so I can just afford to have extras on hand.

I have the rainbird and I just replaced a couple heads after about 6 years. Maybe I could have tried to unclog them, they do have a filter inside… however, they were so cheap to replace that I just did that

Need better filtration. It’s not fair to blame the nozzle. All nozzles will clog with lake water. Consider Lakos (Claude Laval Corporation) Twist II clean filters.

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I didn’t know I was being unfair. I stated my situation, and the experience I was having. I did not say the nozzles were bad or defective, only that they were not practical in my application.

Just as I didn’t blame the lake for not being cleaner, I did not blame the nozzles for being clogged. I was just pointing out that this combination was not useful for my irrigation needs.

Did not mean to come off so blunt. When I worked for a distributor you would not believe all the contractors who would try to return products full of sand and silt and claim the products were defective.