Sprinkler Installer in MA?

Does anybody know a good sprinkler installer/service north of Boston. I have been using the Iro since it first came out and my service guy refuses to learn how to winterize the system with the Iro attached. This forces me to reinstall my old dumb controller every fall so he can do the winterization. Basically I’m sick of doing that, don’t like this guy to begin with, and would much rather support somebody who supports Rachio. I also am going to be doing an addition and need some sprinkler lines relocated. Thanks for any recommendations!

I can’t help you on an irrigation guy, but winterizing is very easy but intimidating at first. Do you have an air compressor?

@KbIrish, I’ll check with our RachioPro team and see if they know of anyone in your area. We’re sorry to hear of the inconveniences you’ve experienced with winterization to date. It should be a simple process and converting controllers is unnecessary.

Have you blown out the system already for this season?

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It’s real easy, create a temp or manual cycle that run each valve by 2-3 minutes. Plug in your compressor or have your sprinkler guys connect his compressor, start the vale cycle from above. turn on the compressor and you’ll blow out the entire system one valve at a time. You know the valve circuit is cleared of water when the sprinkler head struggle to stay up even 20% of the way. Done…wait for spring and do it again, this time no compressor required and you’re all set. Hope this helps.

What size air compressor does one need to blow out the lines?

@jsurpless, to blow out sprinklers properly, the volume of air the compressor puts out is more important than the size of the compressor. In short, air volume should be high and air pressure low. This combination of high volume and low pressure will minimize the damage that can occur during the winterization process. It is very important to select the right air compressor for the job. Some small shop compressors (2 hp) may not be adequate to complete the winterization procedure properly.

You’ll want to use an air compressor with a Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) rating of 80-100 for any mainline of 2" or less. These types of compressors can be rented at your local equipment rental store. The blow out pressure should remain below the maximum operating pressure specification of the lowest pressure rated component on that zone and should not exceed 50 pounds per square inch (psi) for poly pipe system or 80 psi for PVC pipe systems. Also, it’s not advised to run the compressor without at least one sprinkler control valve open.

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil

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Thank you for your help. Where do you hook the compressor up to? I have already done it for this season but will certainly like to have a better long term solution. Thanks everybody.

Depends on your install. Where the shut off valve is, there is typically either a spill cock that you can attach the compressor hose to, this is how mine is setup.

My buddy has a one way valve that takes a tire stem attachment.

You might need to post some pics of your valve box that contains the shutoff.

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@KbIrish, here’s a great video that walks you through all the steps and provides some good education on the do’s and do not’s of a sprinkler blowout. A larger compressor is key for air volume.

I can install it for you. Please give me call
Rick wuarantiello

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