Sprinkler Head Settings

I’m still trying to fine tune my system. I have zone 2 setup for sprinkler heads putting out 1 inch per hour. I haven’t had rain in a while and try to get my centipede 1 inch per week. Today I did a manual run of this zone for 30 minutes. I previously did a can test and verified about 1 inch per hour. I assumed a 30 minute run would be 1/2 an inch. After finishing Rachio indicated 0.84 inches. Any help is appreciated.

I guess you’re sure it ran 30 minutes. But your Allowed Depletion of 50%, root depth of 9.8" and Available Water of 0.17" (I’m psychic - it isn’t shown above) results in watering each time an amount of 0.84" (0.17 x 9.8 x 0.50). Perhaps the chart is showing what it WILL water, or WOULD water?