Sprinkler closing

We now have two homes with the Rachio system. Is there any way for my sprinkler company to blow out the lines before winter without me having to be at the home and open the zones with my smart phone?



We currently have a feature called shared access:

If you can wait a bit, we will be re-releasing a feature that used to be called landscaper access. All you need to do is enter an email address, we send a one-time expiring link, and the landscaper can only control zones on/off. They do this through a webapp so no need to install a native iOS/Android app, or even sign up for an account. This will be released soon. :wink:


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If you shut off your main for the sprinkler system in the house, your irrigation company should be able to blow out the system manually from outside of your house. You should ask your irrigation company if they can do it this way. I usually like to blow out a system manually because my compressor is too big (160cfm) and will over tax the system 1 zone at a time. I will open two or three zones and blow them out together.
Edit: You should also disable your watering times on your Rachio so the solenoids are not running over the winter.