Spring is arriving. Any new SW tricks?


It’s been a bit quiet, anything on the horizon with software updates? Looking forward to our Gen2 maybe getting some new SW tricks when we come out of winterization. :beers:

FWIW I do expect “no comment on future releases”, but wanted to put it out there that news would be welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:





I’m hoping they will allow manual cycle and soak with drip irrigation.


Why the need? Do you have large flow bubblers or something?


I have drip irrigation for my 18 fruit trees on slope with clay soil. While I understand that I can specify some other nozzle, I feel that this would be inaccurate in daily flex algorithms. I’m currently using monthly flex, but I would like to switch over to daily flex after one or two seasons. I understand the reasons for disabling smart cycle in drip irrigation, but I think a manual override should still be available. Franz has acknowledged that it’s a defect in a previous post. Hopefully it’ll get addressed in one or two seasons.


What is the PR of your drip? Building small wells doesn’t satisfy?


About 18 years ago, I built a raised bed by about 8-12 inches for each tree to improve the drainage whenever we had El Nino seasons. Glad I did, the recent wet winter would have killed my trees. There’s a dedicated gutter/drain that went between the trees. Making small wells would seem counterintuitive to what I’ve been doing for this orchard for a long time. I don’t need to find more ways to circumvent what has already been acknowledged as a defect–I’m already using flex monthly to apply soak cycles.

Each small hole in my drip line puts out about .5 gallon per hour. Depending on the type of fruit tree, some I install drip lines with more holes (ie citrus, etc) while other fruit types I install drip lines will less holes. I also have a dedicated line that I water into a large container so that I can measure how much water is being put out. I obviously reuse this water for other purposes like container plants or vegetable beds beyond my irrigation’s reach.

This is at my personal home where I can monitor my orchard on a daily basis. After one or two seasons if I’m successful, I hope to deploy a dozen or so Rachio controllers to my commercial properties.