Splunk Rachio Watering Data? (API Key)

I am a data geek and Splunker, and am super curious if there is some way to use the API key to interface with my Splunk stack (either push or pull). Has anybody done this? I have looked at the integrations, and I suppose I could implement something with IFTTT as a middle-man but that seems like a lot of moving pieces.

Thoughts? Thanks!


What type of data are you looking to pass to Splunk? We have webhooks that could listen to events and you could then push to Splunk?


Hi @franz! Thank you so much for the response! I’m new to Rachio and am really enjoying the automation and learning (weather, wind, etc) of the Flex type daily schedules. I’m located near Boulder CO (you too?) and work for Splunk (Solutions Engineer). Im currently involved in demonstrating IoT use cases, and it seems that Rachio has all the data that would be compelling to bring into Splunk (we call it, the art of the possible).

The data that I would be interested in, is well … every piece of data I can get my hands on. :wink: Specifically; run start/end by zone, run skips, schedule changes (flex auto), location, etc.

And, I should have RTFM … you document it well right here: https://rachio.readme.io/docs/publicnotificationwebhook_event_type

Let me take a run at that, see what I can pull back. The end goal is to build a Splunk “App” with some insights, dashboards, etc. Fun stuff!



Oh cool, sounds fun! Yeah, our office (well, not so much now) is in Denver, and I’m in Golden. I actually know a few of the folks that came over from CA to Splunk. Bob C is amazing!

We don’t have any plans to augment the Open API in the near future, so hopefully it has what you need (or enough of it).


Thanks! I will let you know what I come up with. Cheers!