Splitting a zone

My irrigation repair guy said that one zone at the far end of the property wasn’t working properly because a single zone on the rachio was driving two solenoid valves and that there was not enough water pressure to do so. These valves are too far from the controller to run new wiring. He was planning on using a dual station battery powered hunter node that has its own programming separate from the rachio.

Are there any better options that would allow these two valves to be integrated with my rachio system?


@hg901 - if the schedule type being run is a flex daily schedule (which you may not be anyway with two zones tied together) I don’t believe there is a way, as the zones would get out of sync with what the controller is thinking.

If the schedule type is fixed or flex monthly, then a zone doubler device may work.

Typical caveat - YMMV


Curious…did this work?

Any other users tried this “Doubler” or maybe the WireSprout (doubler)?

Hoping with a year passed someone else has encountered and conquered this problem!

Thx for any shares!