Split weather (e.g., rain and everything else)

I have a PWS. It is very good at precipitation measurements but bad at just about everything else. If I could choose a weather station for precipitation and a weather station for everything else, that would be pretty neat! My ET rates are suppressed since my anemometer seems to top out at 17MPH, humidity measurements are bonkers and my thermometer reads a smidge high. But obviously the best solution is to convince the wife to let me buy a prosumer weather station lol!

I also wish that RAWS stations were supported. Then I could just use the RAWS station in Corning, CA (CRGC1) and be done with it :-p

Love this, great idea @Kubisuro! Logging it for the team :slight_smile:

Would you just want to choose between a PWS and one weather station, or more than two sources?

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This is a good and bad idea a the same time :zipper_mouth_face:

Suppose the user pick the first PWS for rain readings that is @ .5mi of his location and then pick the second PWS for wind that its @ 5mi of their location, what you think will happen? All the weather intelligence algorithm will be dumb instead of smart :slight_smile:

Maybe it could be implemented inside of a “Weather Advance” menu or “Advance Options” ?

I envision a maximum of two stations and it being simply one station only for rain and one for everything else. I’d use a PWS for the rain and then the nearest NOAA station to get (hopefullly) more accurate ET since their irradiance & humidity sensors, anemometers and temperature gauges are REALLY good. Being able to split out the rain gage would mean hyper local precipitation data which is necessary for thunderstorms and other narrow systems, Precip seems to be the most important hyper local data. I’m not so much worried about distance for non-precip data as I am of similar climatology (e.g., same valley & valley position, close in elevation, generally flat). Thank you for taking an interest!

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I was actually considering this exact feature for wufyi code, whereas rain data would be received from the local rain sensor (which often costs about 1/3 of a full weather station) and matched with one or more local PWS(s) for other data (temperature, humidity, etc).

To be frank, it got complicated quickly. From TOS considerations to the server load, would love to see Rachio develop something in this area, but if not maybe someday some else will :wink:



Wow - thanks for looking into split weather a little more with Wufyi. I can totally see that this kind of split feature would need to be more of a back-end solution since from Wunderground’s perspective it would double the queries and there’d be multiple queries in a very short time. Double the data returned too since I imagine you can’t just ask for one element in the data structure — you get all of it. Plus weather stations all report at different times, so that could be a problem — although for me rain is a fairly independent event (it is or it isn’t raining for skips and as far as I know Rachio in the final analysis only cares about daily rain totals). Cumulatively I can see how this all become a huge problem to work out in code.

I also just realized that Wunderground would probably not care for a fusion of sensors from different locations :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for providing more info @Kubisuro :slight_smile: I’ll make sure our team sees this!

And thank you, @Gene for looking into this further!! Sounds like it could be an interesting opportunity :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:

Rain? Not sure I remember what that is.

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