Splicing in extra zone wire to relocate controller

Hi all, first post.

I bought a Rachio 3 to replace a 15 year old Hunter SRC 6 zone controller. I don’t plan to install it until after I fire everything up next month to be sure it’s all working beforehand but once I do disconnect everything, I’d like to take that opportunity to move the controller about 8-10 feet to both make it more convenient and to get it closer to the WiFi router in the house.

My main question is how to best splice in the extra 7 wires. This is inside a garage so no moisture issues. Just twist & tape or small wire nuts, or ?


Seems you could use a couple of things:

  1. Terminal block (lhomedepot link). Secure it to the wall with doublesided tape (or screws) somewhere were old wires would reach it.
  2. 7 strand irrigation wire (homedepot link). Sold by the foot, get couple of feet longer than you need. It’s always better to use as more of the new wire, compared to the old, so do not hesisate to move the junction point as far away from the controller as possible.

If you can replace all of the wire with the new, you may wish to do so. A bit of extra work would make for a cleaner install and reduce chances of old wire failing down the road, not to mention saving a couple of bucks by avoiding the need for a terminal block.



Ah, yes I found the wire but hadn’t thought of a terminal block. Amazon has a covered version for about the same price. Thanks!


This is a more streamline method and only requires the use of a heat gun, solder and insulate in one step.Of course you’ll need to get the ones that match the gauge of your wires; https://www.amazon.com/Shrink-Solder-Sleeve-Crimpless-Connectors/dp/B00IEFOCXO?th=1&psc=1

I’d think wire nuts would work just fine. If you wanted to dress things up you could put the connections inside a wall-mounted junction box.