Specific Date "Rain" Delay?

Is there a way to bypass a watering program on a future date, rather than telling the system to skip X days starting today?

I ask this because I have a company that sprays lawn fertilizer. The sprinklers can’t be running when they show up, and they don’t want me to water the lawn for 24 hours after they apply it.

I always know the date a week or so in advance, so it would be great if I could access the Schedule (I’m using the web interface) and delete specific programs on specific dates in the future, without it affecting other waterings.

Kind of like if you delete a recurring appointing in Outlook or Google Calendar, it asks if you only want to delete this specific occurrence, or all future occurrences.

Is this currently possible? If not, I’ll just have to set a reminder in my calender to alert me to manually override with a rain delay.

Or perhaps I could do this with IFTTT? Which would be nice, but it’s not letting me add the channel for some reason. :frowning:

@Steve Not currently, in mobile 2.x we eventually allow you to ‘skip’ a schedule. We support this feature in the cloud but haven’t exposed it to the client devices yet.

IFTTT would actually work for this, you could setup a Google Calendar trigger that calls the action ‘Rain Delay’ for a number of days. We do also support ‘skipping’ a watering time in IFTTT, which might fit your use case perfectly.

Are you seeing an error on IFTTT connecting the Rachio Iro channel? I just tried for good measure and it worked with no issues.

Thanks and have a great day!