Southern Nevada Water Authority Rebate

When I purchased my Rachio 3 from the Rachio website I was presented with a SNWA rebate form to fill out. I did that online and submitted the form, not thinking that I should have taken a screenshot before submitting. I now have no record of the form nor have I gotten an answer from Support as to whether or not Rachio submitted the form on my behalf (in fact Support doesn’t seem to know what a rebate form is!).

Has anyone else had this happen? Is everyone submitting their own form? Has anyone actually received a rebate from SNWA?


Was it this form?

If so, that isn’t from Rachio. Most times with the rebates, they are administered by purchasing the controller directly from the utility at a discounted price, or with proof of purchase and installation, they will send you a check or credit to your bill. I don’t think Rachio would be submitting a rebate form on your behalf…


Yep! That’s the form. I must have been reading something into the process.

I just printed the ‘official’ SNWA form and am filling it out now.

Thanks for you response!


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