Southern california RAIN

Does anyone know how the Rachio 3 get its precipitation numbers from? I live in Ventura County and we are expecting rain next week. Rachio does not show any rain in the forecast…

Does anyone else have this issue???

I don’t think it looks that far out. See what it says the day before or so. And also how much rain? If it’s barley a trace then it’s probably below the threshold that’s set for when it should skip due to rain. Mine has always skipped for real rainfall but it’s never really said it will till the day before I don’t think.

Also, I’m in Los Angeles area and do you really believe we will see rain? :joy:

This week will be a good test with so much rainfall in the forecast.

Tomorrow and the following day it is forcasted to rain in Westminster, CA (Southern coastal). My schedule shows irrigation on the second day of rain and the day after that. As the millenials say, Wait…WHAT?

Change to one local weather station and it’ll work much better in my experience of late.

Thank you. Yes. I just realized that it had been set on a personal weather station. I am manually delaying irrigation on my home system until the soilk dries out. It is fully saturated.

North San Diego here, we received several inches over a couple weeks and my system wanted to water. Rachio has gone eerily quiet over the past few months… wonder why

The only benefit of my system is that it’s easier to delay watering on my phone/computer, otherwise I would have to walk outside and turn it off, oh the thought of getting off the couch

Hey everyone! (:eyes: @juanssfsod, @tcremer)

Apologies for being AWOL lately. We’ve been hard at work on something pretty exciting :slight_smile:

For those of you seeing issues with rain skips - would you be up for shooting a note to so we can look into this further and track any issues?

:cheers: Lo

Yes I would. Im trying to look into all these issues before I present to my boss. I am hoping that we could start to sell this product to our customers.

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We would love that @JuanSSFsod :slight_smile: When you’re ready, make sure to apply to be a Certified Rachio Pro

Shoot me your ticket number once you reach out so I can ping the team!