Something weird in Flex Daily

So this is my second Rachio unit on my house and only runs 4 zones, but set to the same weather station as my main 16 zone unit. Hadn’t really paid attention to the schedule as my Flex Daily is pretty dialed in so I don’t babysit anymore…and my grass still looks pretty good.

In looking at the history, it doesn’t look like it has watered since 7/24, but I am 99% positive that it ran a few days ago. Both the grass zones are the same way. Grass is currently running as I type, and looks like it is also scheduled for tomorrow.

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Apparently some data issue happened at Rachio today. You’ll see other threads here about it. They are working it. I skipped my daily flex schedule for tomorrow as it was going to run all my zones.

Guess I should have checked the recent posts before I jumped on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Weird that it is only my grass zones though…on both controllers.

Hey all!

Thank you all for your patience! We’re working to get this resolved and will have an update for everyone in the morning!

-Lo :rachio:

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