Someone pls explain Rachio rain sensor implementation to me

…because right now, it makes no sense.

I have noticed recently that the past couple of times it has rained, Rachio was still running my sprinklers. Thinking it would help, I enabled the (non-Rachio) rain sensor I have connected, and noted that doing so turns off all scheduled waterings. OK.

So I’m left in a position where if I turn off the rain sensor, and continue to rely on Rachio’s apparent bad local weather data, I’ll be That Guy in the neighborhood who is irrigating his lawn while it’s raining. Or every time it rains, I’ll have to wake up at 4:30am and make sure the sprinklers don’t turn on.

OR, I enable the rain sensor, but then I lose pretty much the entire functionality of the Rachio controller.

Am I just dumb and missing the logic here, or can someone explain to me? Because right now, it’s a big ole pile of bull you-know-what.