Some of my zones have a moisture graph, others dont

Super sad panda, some of my zones show a moisture graph and others don’t.
I’m using the iOS app…
The\ only pattern I can see is that only drip zones show me the moisture grap. My rotator zones do not.

Can I get this feature back for my turf zones?

Only the Flex scheduled zones have soil moisture. The Fixed scheduled ones do not. That might be why you’re seeing soil moisture for some zones and not others. It should not have to do with the nozzle type.

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Oh dude, at first I thought my schedule was changed, my kids used to mess with my settings all the time, but no, I’m still flex all the way around.

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Oh wow, someone disabled my flex schedule. Thanx for posting, it forced me to go back for screens and I saw it was disabled.

I think it might be my 4 year old.


@plainsane Darn meddling kids …


And then I went all

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Ok, I had to take away the solution, today my gallons used disappeared nd was replaced with time. under controller settings, I don’t have the option to specify which terminal holds my flow sensor., I can only set the master valve, what am I missing.

I think you are on beta software, sensor information is now in accessories.

Also, gallons usage (estimated) is going to be in our next release. I know you have a flow meter so this won’t affect you.


Well, what I mean is that I have a wired flow sensor and yesterday I saw 458 gallons used, today I see runtime. Did something change over night


Viewing your account and I see gallons on the webapp.

Are you sure you are viewing the controller with the flow sensor? Looks like you have two on your account.

What client are you using? (iOS/Android). What version of the software do you have? (More --> Account Settings --> Build number at bottom of screen)

Could be a defect with the beta software.


i have a controller shared with me, but it said i was looking at flowcephus.

i sent you a message off line that it feels that like state from both controllers are blending together.

i can see gallons used on my iphone but not my ipad, but last night on my ipad i saw gallons used.
im probably being stupid, but something just feels wrong.