Some flex zones ran 2 days in a row?

2 flex zones ran 2 days in a row and I can’t understand why.

If you want screen shots I can get some but it’s less than ideal.’

It’s schedule dj flex master mow, zones front yard and back yard Tims side.

Why would you think this unusual? Look at your moisture graphs for the explanation.

Because it ran yesterday and then today back to back. It should never do this…this is more of a bug report.

I have noticed that on occasion.


Looking at the graph details the calculations look like you bottomed out today, even after watering yesterday.

I don’t see any software defects. If your reservoir was bigger than it wouldn’t have watered today.

Am I missing something?

Your saving grace last week was all the precipitation, or you would have watered very frequently.

Also FWIW, your irrigation amount looks really small (.30 inches). Looked at your AWC which is .1 inches, which seems shallow. It doesn’t take much ET to pull that down to zero. In CO that is only about 1.5 days.

For comparison my irrigation amount is .48 inches with a AWC of .16 inches.


hum, that is what is odd. ill collect my data but about 1 month ago where we were not getting rain, my system would run for 3-4 days similar weather conditions.

i have to have awc at .1. soil survey says .13 but my hard burned up in june, i manually calculated it to .09, last year it worked will with .1 so i have reverted back to that.

give me the week to query my weather station. and ill post back the data, or either let everybody know im crazy.

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