Solved- Total Flex Duration doesn't sync with Actual Flex Duration

I have had the Rachio installed with default settings for three weeks and really like it. My wife, saw our water usage for the last three weeks and didn’t share my enthusiasm.

This morning we measured each zone, calculated the GPM using the water meter and set custom nozzles.

We have a few zone that overlap, with some sprayers around the perimeter and rotors to get everything including where the sprayers hit. So we dialed back the “Watering Duration” on the sprayers in those zones. The “Edit Flex Schedule” showed 186 minutes. She could live with that.

All was good until this evening when I received the notice that Rachio would water at 6:00 for 204 minutes. How does that happen? What am I missing here.


@stevenk2, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re encountering some issues setting up your Iro. Let’s figure out what’s going on :smile:

Just curious, are you referring to the schedule adjuster “rain drop” icon on your Flex schedule, or the precip rate of the custom nozzle?

I just checked your Flex schedule and your zone durations total 190 minutes at the moment. So I think we’re on the same page of expected watering duration.

Looks like you have SmartCycle enabled. This will increase the TOTAL duration of your watering schedule, but not the actual WATERING duration. If you review your activity feed, you’ll notice the event “Cycling duration…” this indicates the schedule is running, but there’s no watering occurring. You’ll also notice the event “[Zone Name] … cycle X of Y”, indicating that the zone’s total watering duration has been broken up into Y watering cycles to prevent runoff. This setting, if you do not want it, can be disabled on any watering schedule. For more details on SmartCycle, please refer to this support article.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions we can help answer for you.


Thanks for getting back to me over the weekend and clarifying so clearly. Appreciate you getting me out of the dog house.