Solenoid will not shut off

I am experiencing the same trouble, where solenoids wont stop watering.
I have a rachio Gen2 Controler (8 zones) firmware iro2-5-82
Iro was working fine for several months until last week.

The app shows a correct time schedule for each of the 6 enabled zones I have.
If I make a manual quick run, I cannot turn off the zone (in any of the 6 zones), except if I make a quick run on another zone.
I checked all my valves and they all look fine and clean.
I checked the wiring, it also looks fine.
After hard booting the system, the valves remained closed until a new schedule starts

Should this be an Iro firmware/hardware problem?

I will check if there is any problem with the power supply, However if this is the case, the app should capable of notifying me.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.