Sold my house and had to leave the Rachio :-(

I just transferred ownership to the new owner. My new house has a Hunter Pro-C controller. Can’t wait to replace it with a Rachio. It may be a few weeks before I do that though. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have stated: “Rachio - Cool wi-fi enabled smart sprinkler controller”. I could have just put back the old controller… Oh well, I guess it brings on a new future Rachio lover :slight_smile:


I don’t plan to sell my house anytime soon but when the day comes, I will likely put back all the dumb things I replaced with my smart things (ie. doorbell, thermostat, sprinkler controller, light switch) before turning the house over to a new owner.


But think about it - you actually helped build the user base and a new user who learns the wow factor without having to make the decision spreads that information fast!


I would leave the Rachio there and buy a new one. Sharing is caring.


The way real estate listings/sales work … if you want to put back the dumb controller and other non-connected things … you need to do so either (a) BEFORE the property is listed and viewed, or (b) state very clearly in the listing agreement that none of the smart appliances convey. Typically, anything that is permanently affixed to the house, such as the irrigation controller, smart doorbell, smart lock, light fixtures, etc specifically conveys to the new owner unless excluded.

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Great info @MontanaKarl! Are you a realtor? Always good to have an in-community realtor if questions like this arise :slight_smile:



Not a realtor, Laura so no expertise other than experience… I’m retired and have bought/sold homes in multiple states over the years. One realtor explained it as “if it takes a screwdriver or a hammer to remove it, it goes with the house” … e.g., paintings and toasters go, shelving screwed into a wall, etc stays.

Might vary by state (probably does?), but one realtor said that the industry is moving towards national standard forms.

A 2 year old Montana buy-sell agreement says on page 1:

All existing permanently installed fixtures and fittings that are attached to the Property are included in the purchase price and transfer to the Buyer. Certain fixtures and fittings are included in the purchase price and transfer to the Buyer regardless of whether they are in fact permanently installed and attached to the Property. These fixtures and fittings are electrical, plumbing and heating fixtures, wood, pellet, or gas stoves, built-in appliances, screens, storm doors, storm windows, curtain rods and hardware and controls, fireplace inserts, …

A 2 year old Idaho buy-sell agreement boilerplate has this on page 2, which specifically mentions ‘irrigation fixtures and equipment’:

INCLUDED ITEMS. SELLER agrees to leave with the premises all seller-owned attached floor coverings, attached television antennae,
satellite dish, attached plumbing, bathroom and lighting fixtures, window screens, screen doors, storm doors, storm windows, window
coverings, garage door opener(s) and transmitter(s), exterior trees, plants or shrubbery, water heating apparatus and fixtures, attached
fireplace equipment, awnings, ventilating, cooling and heating systems, all ranges, ovens, built-in dishwashers, fuel tanks and irrigation
fixtures and equipment, if any, that are appurtenant thereto that are now on or used in connection with the premises and shall be included
in the sale unless otherwise provided herein.


This is great information, @MontanaKarl! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for that @MontanaKarl. I have no intention of selling my home for at least the next 10 years (i.e. once my kids turn 18) so chances are technology will have improved and who’s to say whether my current equipment won’t be considered “dumb” by the time 2028 rolls around. :slight_smile: