Solar Radiation Sensor

I have a Davis Vantage Pro2 PWS and it has been fantastic with 100% uptime over 2 years. I received my weatherlink IP today and hope to get it online sharing data soon.

I was considering purchasing the solar radiation sensor.

Will the Rachio make use of new solar data? or does it calculate it (temp, wind, etc).

Great question. I started incorporating solar radiation data from PWS stations and our derived solar radiation was significantly lower than what was being reported from the PWS stations, which really cranked up our ET values. Need more time to do analysis before I allow that back in (it’s a one line code change).

Just want to be fully transparent.

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So would I be correct in restating that as: “No we do not use PWS solar radiation data at this time.”

BTW, I don’t see it said enough, thanks for being awesome (and thank the crew too, we appreciate cool toys.)

1 Like is where I buy my weather stuff. Ryan is a great guy.

Solar radiation like UV radiation can’t be accurately forecasted and assumed. For example, most weather services forecast the UV index. But don’t take into account the atmospheric influences like water vapor, dust, smog, etc. The best way to get solar and UV radiation is to measure it physically with a sensor.

I think the challenge for Rachio, is that of the thousands of stations, only 1/5th of them actually report solar radiation. If you live in the country the closest solar radiation sensor maybe many miles away. The only solution as many of us find out if to purchase the proper equipment ourselves.

I definitely support Rachio Iro in using PWS solar data for ET readings. In addition, the solar readings or alternatively sunset or sunrise information can keep from watering in strong sunlight which as we all know can burn foliage.

Hope this helps.

I only buy from Ryan…his CS is top notch and you cant beat Davis (except the price)

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