Solar radiation data through CWOP

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I can confirm that CWOP does provide solar radiation data, pwsweather does not.

I went through the process to have my controller sending data to CWOP and I am now pulling solar radiation data through Aeris.

Look for solrad

My station in CWOP


BTW - Weather Underground does not provide solar radiation data.



Thanks @franz. Good to know… as a curiosity, you might want to ask Aeris if/when they plan to pull UV/Solar data from PWSweather sites. According to an email exchange with site founder Joe, PWS stores it if it’s sent - it’s just not visible in the UI:

Hi John,

The UV and solar radiation data is being accepted and stored on the system but the station pages haven’t been formatted to display it. It’s one of the things on the list for the next maintenance update.

Joe Torsitano LLC

This is less of an issue now that I have weewx setup to populate CWOP, but still curious.

Also, how did you end up getting your data in CWOP? And how long after initializing your CWOP station did it show up on the gladstone family site? Aeris? Rachio?

Just started sending data to CWOP at 3pm EST today.

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I’ve opened a support ticket, thanks for the nudge.

Damn, I knew you would ask :wink:

First fill this form out.

You will get an email asking you to verify your station location. Once verified, send the verification here.

Once you’ve verified your location on the findu maps or aerial photos,
send a message to

I then received a response as such:

Hi ,

Thanks for sending the data and checking your location. I’ve attached your
station information to the APRSWXNETStation.txt that controls things. That
file will be loaded under item 2 on this page sometime later today,

Or after the 0000 UTC update, you can use the CWOP Search Tool to search the
member lists,

Look over your entry and make sure that I have things the way you want.
Latitude and longitude is in decimal degrees and elevation is in meters. The
APRS format can locate to within about 20 meters. If you readjust the
lat/long numbers, be sure and tell me so I can update the CWOP database which
is different from the findu database.

Your data should show up on MADIS and the NOAA mesonet map web page after 2200 UTC
on Wednesday 3-Aug-2016.

I remember it taking about a week to start showing up on my weather station map in our app.

Note the two identical stations at the top, one PWS, one CWOP


ahh I see… I’m not in the habit of emailing federal agencies directly so wasn’t sure if that step was required or not :wink:

email sent.

Thanks for clarifying!


Also, doesn’t look like UV readings are captured by CWOP. Will this affect ET calculations?





Good news from Aeris regarding solar radiation!


We investigated this further. Currently the PWSweather ingest API support passing solar radiation & UVI, but isnt currently utilizing this data.

That said, we are working with the team to gain access to the data so that we can begin ingesting it into the Aeris API. We hope to begin this next week.

I will leave this ticket open and provide updates.

AerisWeather Support


Definitely good new @franz, and thanks for keeping us posted. It’s SOOooo much easier to get data into PWSweather than CWOP. Plus Rachio can access new stations on PWS almost immediately.

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