Soil Types


Hello everyone!

Can anyone help with a resource to identify my correct soil type? I live in Plano, TX (75024). We have a lot of black clay in the soil, and I’m trying to determine if it is “Clay” , “Clay Loam”, or “Silty Clay”.


What is the right soil type for Round rock, TX?

Hi @stlouis22,

With soil type, are you have trouble determining the soil type for the entire yard or just one zone? The USDA has a shared resource with the USGS to generate a Web Soil Survey (WSS) for your address which will tell us with type of soil is found in your area naturally, however most landscapes have soil amendments added to provide a better environment for roots to grow in.

Let me know if you need any help with the WSS.

Silty Clay Loam - Translates how in soil types for a Zone

@stlouis22 @emil We have a great resource from Delta-T Devices that sent us this information:

“There is a useful table on page 107 of our HH2 meter user manual, downloadable from our website.”

Here is the webiste URL:

This is the flow diagram:

Lawn competing with tree root system

That’s an awesome table! Big thanks to Delta-T Devices for sharing it with us.


Here’s an old gardener’s trick to determine soil type. Oops, make that an old trick, not old gardeners. Here’s a link to the Colorado State University Master Gardener Program:


@sunny Thanks for the tip, and Go Rams! My Alma mater :wink:


David - I too live in Plano - East Plano (75074).
Have you determined what is your soil type? Mine likely would be similar.
I haven’t been able to figure out from the resources others have pointed to.


Thank you for the link and table.