Soil Type Setting Help

I went on the site and it determined my soil for 0"-8" is silt-loam and 8" - 45" is silty-clay-loam. My available water cap is 0.22.
So my question is what should I set the Rachio soil type to?

Hey Bill,

I would probably set mine based on what type of plant was growing in a certain zone. For example, my zones with grass would be set on loam based on the fact that most of the roots are probably occurring in the top 8" of the profile. Shrubs and trees I might set on clay loam but I would error on the side that dries out faster(i.e. the loam) to start with. You may have to play with a bit. Some one with a little more experience with the controller might be able to help more that’s just my 2 cents.

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Thank you for the suggestions

Totally agree with @gaustin. I’d set grasses to silt loam, and shrubs/trees to silt clay.